West Nile Virus Information


Getting your pest identified (the NC Plant Disease and Insect Clinic)
Insect Notes - Pest Information
North Carolina Pest News (published weekly May-September)
Pest Alerts (Current pest problems posted as needed)
Pesticide Broadcast (Current information about pesticide issues; published as needed)
Insect Control Recommendations - NC Ag. Chem. Manual
Turf Files (Dept. of Crop Science)
Plant Disease Information (Dept. of Plant Pathology)
Consumer Horticulture Information (Dept. of Horticultural Science)
National IPM Network (NCSU component)
Regulatory Information (NC Dept. of Agricultural & Consumer Services)
Public Health Information (NCDENR)


Image of azalea caterpillar - James R. Baker, Emeritus Professor, NCSU

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