An Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Economics of Forage Management



Livestock producers in the eastern United States have several options for providing and managing forage for cattle. These include choices about grazing management practices during the growing season and stored forages when pastures are no longer growing. The costs and benefits of each forage management option are affected by several factors, and a producer must evaluate the economics of forage management based on his or her situation. This publication describes how to conduct a workshop activity that will help livestock producers and others evaluate the costs and benefits of alternative forages and forage management strategies. It consists of the following components:

1. An instructor’s guide. The guide and the handouts for the workshop activities are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader, visit the download site for a free copy: http://www.adobe.com/

2. PowerPoint slides to use in presenting the workshop

3. Handouts for the workshop activities

4. Resource materials. These NC State University enterprise budgets are available as working Excel spreadsheets that can be modified (or replaced) to fit local conditions. You can modify the costs of specific items by replacing the data in highlighted cells.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the author: Geoff Benson, Ph.D., Extension Economist, North Carolina State University at (919) 515-5184 or via E-mail: geoff_benson@ncsu.edu

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