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  Wake County Environmental Sustainability Task Force

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Final STF Report

STF Report Appendices


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Workgroup Summaries

Waste Water Energy
Aug24 2010 Oct 18, 2010 Apr 14, 2011
Jul 20, 2010 Nov 10, 2010 Feb 21, 2011
  Jan 6, 2011  
  Jan25, 2011  

Task Force Documents

Waste Water Energy
Final Waste Recs Final Water Recs Final Energy Recs
Waste Management Chapter (final recs)(2/17/11) Draft 2 Water Recs (4/22/11) Energy Recs Draft 3 with STF comments & responses(6/8/11)
draft Waste Mngt Recommendations with STF Comments (9/16/10) DRAFT Water Recs with comments and responses (3/21/11) Energy Recs draft 3 5/20/11
9/13/10 DRAFT Waste Mngt Recommendations DRAFT Water Recs (2/17/11) Energy Recs draft 2 (2/18/11)

Energy Logic Model (2/18/11) (legal size)

Comments on Energy Logic Model objectives

waste logic model draft 1
Energy Logic Model - Jan 20 Draft
Jan'10 vision ideas-waste Jan '10 vision ideas-water Jan '1- vision ideas-energy
    References: Energy

Environmental Stewardship Agenda

draft Introduction
draft Waste Management Chapter

Introductory Documents

Proposed Plan of Action
Meeting Schedule
Scope and Process
Staff Team
Env Stewardship Agenda (summary) (full)

Other Documents

Task Force participants survey- April

Wake Transit Planning Status Report


Energy in Wake County/ Progress Energy
Environmental Economics Primer
Cary Water Supply [pdf]
Raleigh Water Supply
Wake County Watershed Mngt
Stormwater Primer
Sustainable Water Resource Management
alternative waste disposal case studies
2 rules of waste
wake county waste
(check out the videos for this slideshow on the blog)

Partners / Links

Wake County Environmental Services

Board of Commissioners Goals

Task Force Membership


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Update and enhance the County’s Environmental Stewardship Agenda to incorporate strategies for sustainability and “green” initiatives.

Consistent with the Commission's goal, the Task Force focussed on:

  • Solid Waste Reduction and Management
  • Water Resources Conservation and Management
  • Energy Conservation and Management


Wake County Board of Commissioners appointed a Sustainability Task Force to help define environmental priorities for the coming years. Wake County is fortunate to have a diverse and talented set of community leaders to provide us with valuable input and direction.

Objectives of the Sustainability Task Force

  1. Develop recommendations that are environmentally and financially sustainable
  2. Develop performance measures for these recommendations

Definition of Sustainability

After much discussion, summarized in final report and the meeting newsletters, the task force decided on a definition.

Sustainability: Utilizing practices that protect the economic, environmental, and social qualities of life for current and future generations.

Schedule and Process

The Task Force has met for 18 months, from Jan 2010 through June 2011. 

The Task Force used a consensus‐based decision making process.


The Task Force has produced three sets of recommendations for each of the three categories - Waste, Water, Energy.  Each contains goals and strategies.  A final report is being written and will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners.


Tony Gurley, Chairman (Jan 2010) - Board of Commissioners
Joe Bryan, Chairman - Sustainability Task Force

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