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Benefits of Forests

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Here are some benefits of forests and how they act as green infrastructure.

Forests Provide to stream and wetlands, providing greater habitat. Their root system allow more water to infiltrate the ground. Their canopy can intercept up to 50% of rainfall. A forest floor in a rural or exurban forest retains 3 times more water than a grass lawn. And trees can remove 50 to 300 gallons of water a day through evapotranspiration which is the movement of water through a plant from roots to leaves.

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There are numerous benefits of forests and green infrastructure. It can serve as parkland and stormwater management land, resulting in mulitpurpose/multipfunctional stormwater management. It can aid in minimizing flooding. And it can reduce the need for constructed stormwater management, or grey infrastructure.

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Although we are looking at stormwater impacts, forests do many other things. They provide recreation, transportation corridors, wildlife habitat, cooling of homes and streams (for trout), carbon sequestration, and economic opportunities such as timber and outdoor activities, as well as economic incentives of increased nearby property values.

I have mentioned economics and ecosystem suervices a few times now, and I'd like to talk about them.