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its all about the maps

A community resource inventory or CRI, is an atlas of the natural, cultural, and economic resources in your community.   These maps can help educate decision makers and interested citizens about what is available in your community, whether the questions regard open space, the location of streams, water quality point discharges, or much more detailed data.  The maps available from this website are appropriate for beginning the discussion about community-level planning.  We hope these maps can open a dialogue and help with education about land use impacts on water resources.

The best part of the maps on this site: you don't have to make them! In a matter of minutes, you can download the pdf maps, turn on the map layers you want, print the maps, or export sections of them to use for a slideshow.  Whenever you need a map, its moments away.

The other tools page tells about more advanced tools, maps, and processes that can help your community protect its natural resources.

Planning, when done well, is among the most powerful tools available to communities. A solid plan, based on good natural resource information, guides rational land use decisions, and allows the community to consider innovative tools for resource protection with fewer chances for legal challenges to their planning authority.  Planning also sends a clear message about what the community values, and helps protect the community from surprises. 

A community resource inventory is the step toward Natural Resource Based Planning.

It all starts with education.

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