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Bolin Creek Situation Assessment

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Final Bolin Creek Situation Assessment Report

Appendix 5: WECO response to public comment


Bolin Creek Watershed Map

Bolin Creek Watershed location map

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Bolin Creek is in Orange County, NC.  It has been listed by the NC Division of Water Quality as ‘impaired.’  This means it is not meeting the minimum standards for a healthy stream of its type.  For example, it does not support the aquatic life such as fish and insects, that is should be able to support.  Because of this, it has been placed on the 303(d) list.  This refers to section 319 303(d) of the US Clean Water Act. This section deals with nonpoint source pollution.  Nonpoint source pollution is that pollution that is not attributed to a specifically permitted source like a waste water treatment plant or a factory, but instead comes from farm fields, backyards, streets and any other place where water might runoff during a storm.  Stormwater runoff is the biggest source of nonpoint source pollution, and is an issue in watersheds all over the country.

The NC Division of Water Quality is the local sponsor for two 319 grants in the watershed.  NCSU is a partner on both grants.  Other partners include the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

In Winter 2011, the NC Division of Water Quality contacted WECO for advice on public involvement in the watershed.  WECO suggested a situation assessment be conducted. 

This will help identify:

  • the key stakeholder voices that must be engaged for any successful public participation
  • the main stakeholder concerns, issues, and interests
  • the specific opportunities where public input can help to shape decisions about the issues
  • any issues or constraints that may affect public participation
  • the successes achieved so far that can be built upon


WECO's goal is to collect social data through interviews and produce a situation assessment report.  WECO will send the report to all interested parties and post it on this page.



Sept - Oct : conduct inteviews

Dec - Jan  : Draft reports available


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